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Sales Level One

The sales position is open for 1099 Commission based pay and your performance determines your income. The posistion does not require an office commute. You are required to outsource and network HTML advertisements to buisenss owners and others that may need to advertisement or celebrate an event either at home or at a business.

Outside Sales Experience 1-2 years

Time Sheet Entry Experience

Email Experience and folder management

PC Skills Word Adobe PDF Converter 3dPaint Excel

Education Experience Bachelors of Science IT, Busienss Management, Marketing, Computer Sales or Advertising Sales History a Plus. Degree not required

Closing accounts may require you to create ads and you will need to have some minimum level of PC skills to complete the job. You receive a monthly draw on your subscribers 10% of subscriber cost equals 58k per year at 2,000 subscribers. Your subscriptions can renew and your income will sustain with follow up calls and ensuring your current customers stay with our service.

This is a part time position and worked remotley from your telework location. PC skills and home office suit expierence also preferred. Employees must have access to the internet in order to report for work from thier telework location. You can close deals and drive customer base through our website that is also mobile designed for easier use. Customers are signing a 12 month subscritpion for their eAdvertisements.